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Services & Workshops

There are many benefits that yoga & movement can offer to adults & children: body awareness, physical fitness, breath work, focus and concentration. We will explore all of these topics in a playful approach.

There are many benefits that yoga & movement can offer to adults & children: body awareness, physical fitness, breath work, focus and concentration. We will explore all of these topics in a playful approach.

Live a life that makes you feel energized and ready to take on your daily tasks with more ease. Learn the steps to make your new lifestyle journey a success. Individual and corporate packages are available.

These programs and services are geared toward learning how you can incorporate movement and healthy eating into your day-to-day life.


Thank you Danielle for a wonderful experience. I appreciated having a woman of color speak to me about food in a totally transparent and non-judgmental way. Your sessions were joyful. And having your daughter participate was an added bonus, reinforcing that we truly can positively influence how our children eat. I look forward to attending other sessions on plant based cooking that you conduct!

First let me say, the fact that the Food for Life Series presented with an African Heritage focus immediately drew me in. As I have been transitioning and adjusting my eating habits for several months now, this series showed up right on time. It brought the educational facts and statistics to add to what I already know and make the connections of the benefits of the changes. It provided the colorful creative flair I needed to keep the changes exciting while new. As a visual person, the color of vegetables have always appealed to me - your exploration of color in both vegetables and seasonings challenged my creative juices and taste buds. The saying goes - when the student is ready, the teacher appears And you appeared for this level up.

Also, let me say the Danielle & Maya duo was refreshing and appealing. Even an impressionable example of how I can include my grandkids. Again, thank you for doing this series, and I look forward to participating in other classes you present.

Danielle was engaging and easy to understand. All of her meals were delicious. She gave me the push I needed to start cooking a little more at home. Danielle is definitely someone to keep in touch with. Her knowledge and simplicity makes me want to take another class with her. I look forward to taking another class with her.

Thank you so very much. You were FANTASTIC! I learned so much from you. I know it will not be the last time we see each other. I can't wait until your next class.

I was introduced to Danielle through several speeches she gave at our Toastmasters club meeting. Her commitment and passion for adopting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle motivated me to do the same. I thought my busy work/life routine would be a challenge but she was able to develop a workout guide and recipe plan for me to follow each week. I’m a foodie and like variety. Danielle did not disappoint! The meals were quick and easy to prepare and contained ingredients found in my pantry. She even found healthy restaurants and options for me to try when traveling for work. My most pressing issue was stress eating and cravings which she guided me through with tasty alternatives. I would highly recommend Danielle’s services to anyone that wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle change. My health is much improved due to her assistance.

It was great fun. Danielle generously accommodated our time zones and other challenges. She is well organised and really created space for the diversity of the group as well the measures and units we use. The material was sent out in good time so those of us who wanted to cook along could prepare ahead. Danielle is knowledgeable was able to answer our many questions or come back with answers at the next class. She was able to share tips on how to modify the recipes with local ingredients. The science of the many lifestyle conditions was woven into the healing properties of the foods. Having her daughter Maya there was a bonus. This is a family that walks the talk.

MD - Francistown, Botswan

Danielle is highly knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness. She makes health and wellness fun for all ages.


I had the pleasure of working with Danielle during my time at Brooklyn Cooperative FCU. Danielle has an upbeat, enthusiastic way of relaying the benefits of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. Her ability to provide complex information in an intuitive manner made Danielle a delight to work with.

Branch Manager at Cross River Bank

Danielle is a passionate educator and advocate for healthy children and families. I've had the pleasure of working together with her and witnessing the positive results of her work. Her dedication shines through in the engaging (and fun!) solutions she provides families to support their health and wellbeing.

Nutrition Marketing Coordinator at Physicans Committee for Responsible Medicine

Danielle has proven and continue to prove as well as challenge herself as a dedicated Educator on Healthy Living for everyone. Danielle has strong Communication, Presentation and Leaderships skills. As a member in Toastmaster she continues to take on challengers to develop those strengths to the next level. I will highly recommend her for any position she has an interest in and her Professional and Social skills will be a great additional to any organizations.

Adjunct Assistant Professor LIU Brooklyn Campus School of Business

Thank you so much, Danielle. That was such a lovely evening for us to cook together, and also enjoy a delicious and healthy meal after! Jimmy and I were both surprised by how different tonight’s dish tasted than other times we’ve had quinoa. The tofu was super tasty, the tahini sauce was really delightful, and all the herbs brought a freshness to the whole dish.