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How to Make Butternut Squash Mac and "Cheese" with Danielle Medina | Whole Harvest

Welcome to Fit N Play Mama Media Features. Receive $30 off your first Whole Harvest sustainable meal delivery order when you use the promo code FITNPLAYMAMA.

Chef AJ Live: Teaching Kids and Parents About Healthy Eating + Watermelon Fruit & Pasta Salad with Danielle Medina

Wedidit.Health: Danielle Medina, Plant-Based Family Fitness and Fun

Mayoral Service Recognition Certificate

BAMkids Springfest 2023 Brooklyn, NY

Class 2 Fight Diabetes With Food Series

A Discussion About Wellness with Guest Speaker Danielle Medina of Fit N Play Mama LLC

Fit N Play Mama Media Features: Global Vegan Lifestyle Magazine Winter Edition 2022/2023

2nd Annual Conference on Plant-Based Health & Nutrition 2022 Plant-Based Nutrition & Athletic Performance

Women's Quarterly - Summer 2021

Ain't Hard To Tell Podcast - March 2021

Discovering Active Play and Movement With Our Kids with Danielle Medina
Podcast by Unstoppable Moms Fitness - Feb. 2021

Welcome to Fit N Play Mama LLC – your hub for transformative life coaching, nutritional education, and wellness programs. Dedicated to guiding individuals on unique journeys toward holistic well-being, our team believes in the power of balance for lasting fulfillment. Through personalized coaching, empowering nutrition, and engaging wellness programs, we empower positive lifestyle changes. Our approach is rooted in playfulness, fostering a vibrant and supportive community celebrating individual growth. Join us on this adventure to unleash your potential and embrace a life of vitality and purpose. Explore Fit N Play Mama’s features below, and let us be your companion in creating a healthier, fulfilling life.

The Northeast Earth Coalition has teamed up with Danielle Medina, Founder of Fit N Play Mama, to offer a three-part workshop series called “Nourish Your Family: Plant-Based Culinary & Garden Yoga” for families of all ages. You’ll learn valuable tools for adding more movement, healthy eating, and mental wellness to your family’s daily routine.