Culinary Education Programs & Workshops


Culinary Education Programs & Workshops

Unlocking Health and Wellness Through Lifestyle Coaching, Culinary Education Programs & Workshops

Lifestyle Coaching: Enhance Your Overall Well-being

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life? Welcome to Fit N Play Mama’s Lifestyle Coaching Services – a personalized, holistic approach to helping you achieve your wellness goals and embrace a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

What We Offer:
At Fit N Play Mama, we understand that your journey to wellness is unique. Our Lifestyle Coaching is designed to cater to your individual needs, preferences, and aspirations. Through personalized one-on-one sessions, we will guide you on a path to sustainable well-being by focusing on the following areas:

  1. Holistic Health: We believe that true wellness encompasses more than just physical fitness. We’ll work together to address all aspects of your well-being, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep quality, and emotional balance.
  2. Goal Setting: Whether you’re striving for weight loss, increased energy, improved fitness, or stress reduction, we’ll help you set clear and achievable goals. We’ll break these goals down into actionable steps, ensuring you stay motivated and on track.
  3. Personalized Nutrition: Your journey begins with the food you nourish your body with. Our coaching will provide you with tailored nutritional guidance, helping you make informed choices that align with your goals and preferences.
  4. Fitness and Movement: Embrace the joy of movement! We’ll create a customized fitness plan that suits your fitness level, interests, and schedule. From home workouts to outdoor activities, we’ll make fitness an enjoyable part of your routine.
  5. Stress Management: Learn effective strategies to manage stress and cultivate a calm and centered mind. Our coaching will equip you with mindfulness techniques and relaxation practices to enhance your mental well-being.
  6. Sustainable Lifestyle Changes: We’re not about quick fixes. Our aim is to help you implement sustainable lifestyle changes that you can maintain long-term. This is your journey towards lasting health and vitality.

Why Choose Fit N Play Mama’s Lifestyle Coaching Serives:

  • Personalized Approach: Your coaching experience is tailored exclusively to your needs and goals.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned wellness coach.
  • Empowerment: We’re here to guide and support you, but ultimately, you’ll become the driver of your wellness journey.
  • Lasting Transformation: Our focus is on cultivating habits and routines that lead to lifelong well-being.
  • Flexibility: Your schedule matters. Coaching sessions can be adapted to fit your timetable.

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier and happier you? Our Lifestyle Coaching packages are tailored to fit your unique requirements. Prices vary, so let’s have a chat to understand your goals and explore how Fit N Play Mama can support your journey. Book a discovery call today, and let’s embark on this transformative path together!

Family Lifestyle packages available!

Elevate Your Well-being with Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching

At our plant-based nutrition coaching, we are dedicated to empowering you on your journey towards optimal health and vitality. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to transform your lifestyle and reclaim your well-being.

Embark on a Path of Success with Our Comprehensive Individualized Approach:

  • Plant-Based 101: Complimentary Consultation:
    Whether you are plant curious or ready to become 100% plant-based, in this 30 minutes phone or Zoom complimentary session we formulate a plan that will suit your needs to help you achieve your health goals. Discover why esteemed healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, dietitians, and athletes, are embracing this lifestyle.
  • Cleanse & Remove – Kitchen Transformation
    Your kitchen is your wellness haven. Together, we’ll dissect your pantry, categorizing foods based on their nutritional value. We’ll also guide you through plant-based essentials, setting the stage for effortless recipe creation.
  • Become an Avid Shopper:
    Master the art of grocery shopping. Navigate aisles with confidence, bypassing processed temptations. Learn to choose wholesome, nourishing ingredients that align with your plant-based journey.
  • Customized Meal Plans:
    It is time to indulge your taste buds while nurturing your body. Give a personalized weekly food prep and meal plan, ensuring each bite is a burst of delightful flavors and beloved spices.
  • The Restaurant Experience:
    Stay true to your plant-based commitment even when dining out. Unearth strategies to enjoy restaurants while honoring your dietary choices.
  • Weight Management Assistance:
    Witness the remarkable fusion of weight management and elevated energy levels. Uncover a healthier way to lose or gain weight, boosting self-esteem and igniting your vitality.
  • Long-Term Consulting and Coaching:
    When it comes to embracing a plant-based lifestyle and nurturing your well-being, the journey is not just about short-term gains; it’s about crafting a sustainable, lifelong transformation. Our long-term consulting and coaching membership subscription is designed to provide you with continuous support and numerous benefits that extend far beyond the initial stages of your wellness journey. Here are some of the compelling reasons to embrace the advantages of long-term coaching:
  • Consistency and Accountability
  • Deepening Knowledge
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Building Sustainable
  • Habits
  • Preventing Plateaus
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Enhanced Quality of Life
  • Lifelong Health Advantages


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Food For Life Cooking Classes

Empower Yourself Through Culinary Knowledge

Created in 2001 by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Food for Life cooking classes decode the latest evidence-based nutrition research into easy and practical lessons. Studies have proven that the diet of the Food for Life program, a plant-based diet, is effective at lowering risk of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. These classes can be held in-person or virtually.

Each Food for Life Class includes:

  • Specific information about how certain foods and nutrients work to promote or discourage disease.
  • Cooking demonstrations of delicious and healthful recipes.
  • Practical cooking skills and tips for incorporating healthful eating habits into daily life.
  • A supportive and motivational atmosphere to empower participants to take charge of their health with the foods that are put on their plates.

Some of the FFL Class Series include:

  • Kickstart Your Health
  • Cancer Project
  • Diabetes Initiative
  • Employee Wellness Program
  • Heart Health
  • Kids Health
  • Your Body in Balance
  • Cooking to Combat
  • Covid-19


Schedule your FREE
20-minute phone or
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We will discuss any questions you have and decide which service is best suited for you. Make the move toward reaching your health goals and receive support along.